Our Priorities

In accordance with our goal of making the Ward 3 neighborhood an even better urban place – a more walkable, sustainable, and vibrant community – we are working to ensure that D.C. grows in environmentally and socially responsible and progressive ways. We sponsored a workshop to provide a positive voice for policies and developments that –

• Bring vitality to our commercial corridors, principally Wisconsin and Connecticut Avenues

• Maximize mass transit options

By having nearby businesses and a variety of transportation modes, we seek to limit vehicular congestion as much as possible and thereby protect the character of our residential neighborhoods and enhance the quality of residents’ lives. We support the opportunity for others to experience the benefits of our neighborhood by encouraging smart growth policies to promote density (including in-fill development) near metro stations and transit corridors along with policies to promote more affordable housing.

To these ends, our current priorities include the following:

We are monitoring these projects and potential development sites on or near Wisconsin Avenue:

  • The Safeway at Davenport St. and Martens sites purchased by Georgetown Day School;
  • The Western Bus Garage in Friendship Heights;
  • PEPCO’s site at 5220, near the Jennifer St. entrance to the Friendship Heights Metro station;
  • The Fannie Mae building in the 3900 block; and
  • The Post Office building in the 3900 block.

We are pleased to see that the Cathedral Commons mixed-use development on the 3300 block, which we supported, is well underway and that the new Giant grocery store is open. With the Safeway on Davenport Street slated to close, this new grocery store will be even more of an asset to the community.

We are also pleased to see that the Babe’s Billiards site at Brandywine St. is well into the construction of a mixed-use building, a project we also supported.

We are monitoring these projects and potential development sites on Connecticut Avenue:

  • The Intelsat building at Van Ness St.
  • University of the District of Columbia Student Center at Van Ness.

We are monitoring the development of alternative transit modes and safety measures related to them, including:

We are monitoring and have participated in or are expecting to participate in advocating for pro-smart growth policies in the Zoning Rewrite and the upcoming Comprehensive Plan review. We have also weighed in with the DC Council in favor of sidewalks and their improved maintenance in our neighborhoods.

We’ve been in the neighborhood for a while now. Check out our past projects in the archives!