May 2017 news



Let’s start with the good news: The emergency family shelter for Ward 3 planned for Idaho Avenue, which we supported, was approved by the Zoning Board! See our April email for more details.

. . . and now for the bad. According to Richard Florida, a leading urban researcher and senior editor at The Atlantic, “new urban luddites,” his stronger term for NIMBYs, are damaging the sustainability and vitality of major cities. As noted in his recently published book, The New Urban Crisis, opposition to expanding residential housing in cities is hurting them. “By limiting density and clustering, NIMBYs hold back the urban innovation that powers growth.” This article from City Lab summarizes his findings.

DC is suffering from this malaise. There is a critical lack of affordable housing on many levels in DC and limited opportunities to build housing in Ward 3 and elsewhere in DC. Building more housing is adversely affected by restrictive zoning and portions of the DC Comprehensive Plan, as recently interpreted in court.

This informs our on-going efforts to urge amendment of the Comprehensive Plan to be less restrictive when it comes to residential density in Ward 3, especially on and near commercial and transit corridors and near metro stations. Amendments to the current Comp Plan must be submitted to the Office of Planning by May 26th.

If you are interested in getting more involved with Ward3Vision, please email us at We need you!

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Ward3Vision Steering Committee

Guided community bike ride April 14, sponsored by Washington Area Bicyclist Association and American University. Photo by Tom Quinn.

Upcoming community events and meetings

Get more involved in community affairs by attending one of these upcoming events or meetings.

Coalition for Smarter Growth 20th Anniversary

20th Anniversary Celebration
May 17, 6:30 pm
Washington National Airport, Historic Terminal
Tickets & sponsorship information are at

Tenleytown Main Street Events

See events calendar here.

Van Ness Main Street Events

See events calendar here.

Jazz at Van Ness
May 25, 5:30 pm, Location TBD

UDC Arts Center at Van Ness

Washington Performing Arts Society is giving performances at UDC Arts Center at Van Ness while their space at the Kennedy Center is being renovated.

Pianist Pirill Gerstein
May 21, 4 pm

Community design charette for Fessenden Park on April 4, sponsored by Tenley Main Street.   Participants sketched ideas, and suggestions included a playground, sports activities for young people and an outdoor market.  No funding is currently available to develop the park, but ideas expressed could potentially form the basis for future action, for example as an amenity connected with a Planned Unit Development. Photo by Tom Quinn

Ward 3 ANC meetings

Get more involved in Ward 3 by attending one of these upcoming ANC meetings. Note that each meeting’s agenda may change between today and the actual meeting, so please check the ANC’s website for updates.

ANC 3B meeting (
May 11, 7:00 pm (meets monthly on the second Thursday)
Stoddert Elementary School and Glover Park Community Center
4001 Calvert St NW 

This ANC covers Glover Park and Cathedral Heights.

ANC 3C meeting (
May 15, 7:30 pm (meets monthly on the third Monday)
2D Police Station, Community Room
3320 Idaho Ave NW 

This ANC covers Cathedral Heights, Cleveland Park, Massachusetts Heights, McLean Gardens and Woodley Park. A proposal to redevelop the Fannie Mae site on Wisconsin Ave will be reviewed.

ANC 3D meeting (
May 3, 7:00 pm
Location TBD

The ANC covers AU, Berkley, Foxhall, Kent, New Mexico/Cathedral, Palisades, Spring Valley and Wesley Heights. This ANC includes American University.

ANC 3E meeting (
May 11, 7:30 pm (meets monthly on the second Thursday)
Embassy Suites Hotel, Chevy Chase Pavilion
Military Road and Wisconsin Avenue

This ANC covers the Tenleytown area along Wisconsin Avenue and will be hosting a presentation from UIP at its May meeting regarding its plans to redevelop 4620 Wisconsin Avenue NW.

ANC 3F meeting (
May 16, 7:30 pm (meets monthly on the third Tuesday)
Forest Hills of DC
4901 Connecticut Ave NW 

This ANC covers the Van Ness area and along Connecticut Ave.

ANC 3G meeting (
May 8 and 26, 7:00 pm (meets monthly on second and the fourth Monday)
Chevy Chase Community Center
5601 Connecticut Ave NW 

This ANC covers the upper Connecticut Ave area in Ward 3.

Project Updates

4000 Wisconsin Avenue

Donahoe filed for a Large Tract Review by the Office of Planning of its plans for the redevelopment of 4000 Wisconsin Ave. The plan calls for the redevelopment of what was a Fannie Mae-owned building (adjacent to the colonial-style Fannie Mae building) from an office building to a mixed-use, residential building. (see first article below)

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