About Ward3Vision

Washington, D.C.’s Ward 3 stretches from Woodley Park and the Cathedral area north along the upper Wisconsin and Connecticut Avenue corridors.

Ward3Vision is an active group of residents partnering with the Coalition for Smarter Growth to ensure that new development is positive and forward-thinking, and brings new life and vibrancy to our neighborhoods. We believe our community will benefit from an honest dialog with true inclusiveness and citizen engagement.

Mission Statement

Ward3Vision is a group of residents who can imagine our neighborhoods as even better urban places – more walkable, sustainable, and vibrant. We work to ensure that D.C. grows in a way that is environmentally and socially responsible, positive, and progressive, while protecting the character of our residential neighborhoods and bringing the vitality of urban life to our commercial corridors.

We support

  • Planning for a revitalized and sustainable Wisconsin Avenue corridor
  • New growth near Metro stations and bus stops
  • Preservation of existing neighborhoods
  • A mix of uses including residential and commercial
  • Innovative traffic and parking solutions
  • Housing that is affordable for low and moderate income families
  • Green building designs
  • Urban design and streetscape improvements

We are committed to working with city planners and developers to ensure that new development maximizes walking and public transit, minimizes commuter traffic, and brings much needed amenities for our neighborhood.

Steering Committee

Susan Kimmel, Chair
Ellen Bass
Leslie Dembinski
Ron Eichner
Allison Feeney
Tom Hier
Jeff Norman
Steve Seelig
John Wheeler