Our Recent Work

Ward3Vision is back! Actually, we never went away. Our core group has been active and involved in advocating for smart growth in our community. We are writing to re-engage you and your neighbors in our effort to promote a vibrant and sustainable Ward 3 for D.C. Here’s what we’ve been up to:

  • Supporting transit-oriented development at Friendship Heights by endorsing the 5220 Wisconsin Avenue Planned Unit Development (PUD), a program which was approved.
  • Advocating that Safeway’s expansion plan be a mixed-use building with a residential component, consistent with the urban commercial corridor where it is located.
  • Advocating that the new Tenley Library at Metro be designed to become the heart of future transit-oriented development. Participating in the Office of Planning’s efforts to update the District’s Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Code to protect our single family neighborhoods and strengthen urbanity along the commercial corridors.
  • Working with Connecticut Avenue Pedestrian Action to provide safer walking conditions for pedestrians of all ages in Ward 3.
  • Advocating that American University’s Master Plan include elements that benefit the community at large, particularly in the move of the College of Law from to Tenley Circle.
  • Participating in the UDC campus area meetings and sustainability for the ANC 3F/Van Ness area.

As we continue this work, we want to hear from you! Send us an email and tell us what you’d like to see Ward 3 Vision doing. What would you like to see in the neighborhoods? More bike lanes? Better streetscapes? More parks? A Circulator bus? Streetcars? An official plan from the District? You tell us!