Palisades Safeway

Read the latest from Roger Lewis on the proposed redevelopment of the Palisades Safeway. Click here to read his ideas.

DC Zoning Update

While the Zoning Rewrite includes many different issues, from the Smart Growth perspective, the most important issues relate to parking minimums  and accessory dwelling units (ADU), which are explained nicely in these Greater Greater Washington posts. Aside from the controversy over parking and ADUs, code organization, corner stores, and green area ratios have encountered resistance from neighborhood groups. Once again, Greater Greater Washington does a nice job looking at the facts and removing the politics and paranoia that has heavily influenced the debate over the zoning changes.

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RPP Hearing held Friday, December 7

Ward 3 Councilmember Mary Cheh held a Roundtable hearing at 11 AM on December 7 (Wilson Building, room 412) on the issue of the Residential Parking Permit (RPP) system. Ward3Vision believes that the system should be refined to recognize the true cost of on-street parking and to complement the  changes in parking minimum requirements for buildings in transit zones being proposed by the Office in Planning in the zoning regulation rewrite.  Herb Caudill presented testimony at the hearing for Ward3Vision.

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Babes Billiards redevelopment in Tenleytown

The DC Zoning Commission has approved the application for a mixed-use building one block from the Tenley Metrorail station.  The proposal is for a 60-unit rental, residential building with space on the ground floor for restaurants and retail. Ward3Vision supports this project, and so should you. The Zoning Commission approved the PUD with no parking, citing 20 policies in the Comprehensive Plan that are consistent with this development in what would be a transit zone under the zoning rewrite.

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